Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen


Andrew started his electrical career by attending the Electronics Technician program at Bellingham Technical College. He completed this 2 year course of study in under 3 months prior to shipping off to the US Navy. He served 9.5 years as a Nuclear Trained Electricians Mate on Submarines, attending many schools including Electrical “A” School, Nuclear Power School, Prototype, and several specialty schools. During this time he learned valuable information regarding turbines, motors, generators, vibration monitoring, oxygen generators, hydraulics, and much more.

Following the Navy, Andrew worked at Energy Northwest (Columbia Generating Station) as the lead electrical instructor for 5 years. During this time he became a certified instructor through INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations) and collaterally served as an electrical discipline supervisor for extended maintenance outages. Beyond technical training, Andrew also developed and implemented manager / supervisor training, industrial safety training, human performance / error prevention tools training, and equipment tagging processes. Andrew has since instructed for the Nuclear Technology Program at Columbia Basin College as well as for the Department of Energy at the HAMMER Federal Training Center at the Hanford Site in Richland, WA and through the Department of Energy Training Institute across the country. Andrew’s specialties include basic electrical training, electrical safety, systems training, valve operators, storage batteries, rectifiers and inverters, relays, and motors / generators.

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