Basic AC Principles

Basic AC Principles AC Voltage, Current and Resistance Inductors and Capacitors RC and RL Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Transformers Time Response to Reactive Circuits


basic AC principles

Course Length = 16 hours

Method of Instruction = Instructor-led discussion/demonstration

Method of Assessment = Written exam

Location = H&N Electric, 4224 E B st.  Pasco Wa

When = Contact Us for details

This course is may be attended by Apprentices or Journeymen for Washington State credits. (16 hours / 8 CEUs)

Course Description:

The intent of this class is to equip the practitioner with the skills, knowledge and techniques to identify electrical hazards to properly implement the safety related work practices required by the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E. This class is intended as the first exposure to NFPA 70E and is appropriate for anybody that is involved with electrical work, oversight, program development, hazard mitigation, or work planning. This would include apprentices, electricians, supervision, management, planners, safety officers, and engineers.

Course Objective

Upon completion of training the student will understand how to determine the appropriate safe electrical work practices including the selection of the appropriate PPE and safe work boundaries that will provide an increased level of personal safety in accordance with NFPA-70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Enabling Objectives
EO 1. Identify the training requirements.

EO 2. Discuss proper use of test instruments.

EO 3. Identify the requirements for use of portable electric equipment.

EO 4. Describe how to establish an electrically safe working condition.

EO 5. Explain the hazards associated for electrical shock and arc flash.

EO 6. Identify the required approach boundaries for work on energized electrical conductors or circuit parts.

EO 7. Describe the safe working practices for working on energized electrical conductors or circuit parts.

EO 8. Describe the process for selection of the appropriate PPE.

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