Motor and Generator Fundamentals

Motor / Generator Fundamentals I – Motor Components and Construction – Motor/Generator Theory – Right Hand Rules – Motor Types – Single Phase, 3 Phase, and DC Motors

Motor Controls

Motor Controls Manual Contactors LVP Controllers LVR Controllers Electronic and Automated Motor Controllers Soft Start Motor Controls

Basic AC Principles

Basic AC Principles AC Voltage, Current and Resistance Inductors and Capacitors RC and RL Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Transformers Time Response to Reactive Circuits

DC Fundamentals 2

This course introduces Parallel Circuits, Series-Parallel Circuits, Basic Components such as Capacitors and Inductors, as well as Electro-Magnetism. The content is designed for the first introduction of DC Theory and application. The course would be good for new apprentices, safety officers, work planners, supervisors, or even electrical workers looking for a DC refresher. Prerequisite for […]

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