Jannock LLC. Press Release

Jannock LLC. Press Release

Photo of electrical training classroom instruction

Training and Consulting Business Opens
Pasco, WA

A locally owned Training and Consulting business has begun operation in the Tri-Cities. Jannock LLC owners Andrew Olsen and Jon Schliep have over 40 years of industrial electrical experience including 7 years as Certified Nuclear Instructors.

Topics of instruction include everything from Basic AC and DC Fundamentals to advanced Programmable Logic Controls and Variable Frequency Drives. The owner/instructors will provide customized classes for local and regional industrial clients.

In recent years budget cuts have forced many companies to reduce or eliminate training staff and training classes. Jannock LLC will provide customized training to area business without requiring them to increase staffing or have large training budgets. Increasing the knowledge of the technician increases the machine up-time, resulting in increased efficiency and profits. In todays competitive environment every advantage counts.

Today, technology seems to be changing daily. Advanced controls and equipment from 5 years ago is limited and simple compared to todays more advanced and versatile controls. Technical knowledge is the key to keeping on the cutting edge and increasing machine capability.

For more information including instructor bios and a sampling of class offerings visit www.jannockllc.com

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